Tom Lieber

Maker of little apps, former PhD student in MIT's User Interface Design Group and developer of Now I do machine learning in Google Research.

CV / Resume

# Thoughts / Essays

My Favorite Lectures: summaries of my favorite software engineering lectures that are available online.

Instrumenting JavaScript: a handful of techniques that worked in Theseus.

Go for web programming: my cheat sheet for using Go everywhere you might otherwise use JavaScript.

Future of Coding: excerpts of my conversations in the Future of Coding Slack channel.

Common Sense Knowledge Bases: an introduction to technologies for smacking some sense into machines.

# Research

Theseus: my master's thesis work, an interface for understanding asynchronous code. The idea lives on! Annotated slides and paper from CHI 2014.

Research Log: since October 2013, I've been attempting to log my research ideas here.

Ditty: my other master's thesis work (which is currently on hold) is a development environment where all code is shared by default.

# Videos

# Projects

Infinite Sketchpad: draw and take notes on an infinite canvas. (iPad, ★★★★½)

Todournament prioritizes your to-do list by letting your tasks duke it out, tournament-style.

Programming is Easy: the beginnings of a programming tutorial for people who may not even know what programming is. Fork it.

KeepWorking is in your status bar, reminding you of what you were working on before you were interrupted. (OS X)

Quick Note to Self lets you e-mail yourself very quickly. (iPhone)

Sitting Timer reminds you of how long you've been sitting at your computer. (OS X)

Look of Disapproval is in your status bar, always disapproving. (OS X)

# Stats

I was a grad student from August 31, 2011 to January 15, 2014.

I was a co-founder of Tree from January 15, 2014 to September 15, 2014.

I've been a Google employee since November 3, 2014!