Prototypes and goofing off over the years.

# Music and Visualization

Music visualization with libcinder graphics framework

Over-the-top audio sampler in Processing (one of my favorite creations to date)

Musically-responsive MIDI blocks in Processing

Musically-responsive MIDI helix in Processing

A spring model in Processing with audio generated by reading each row as a waveform at different speeds

An earlier prototype of the above

An even earlier prototype

A game written in openFrameworks as part of a laptop orchestra piece where the "copter" was controlled by tilting a laptop. A ChucK script transmitted accelerometer values over OSC and generated the sound.

Rebecca Fiebrink's Wekinator, software that learns a mapping between controls and output. In this video, we connected a joystick to an FM synthesis patch and Dan Trueman went wild. As he says, it is his masterpiece.

# Goofing Off

I taught my computer to respond to voice commands

One time I got kinda far in QWOP

One time I discovered that water in Minecraft is weird

# 2-D Platformer Fun

A platformer game prototype, written in Ruby with Chipmunk Physics and gosu and later chingu

Demo of tweaking a level in Inkscape and playing it in-game

No level, just stars

Mario does better than just flipping out

Mario flips out

# Graphics and Algorithms

Surprisingly successful Mario AI using a log-linear model, dead-simple features, and very little training. Built using the Mario AI framework. Read more in the video description.

Experiment with inverse kinematics in Processing

Experiment with texture and vertex shaders in OpenGL ES on iOS

I tried to create a fluid simulation in C with OpenGL but I'm pretty sure the paper I relied on lies about all the details.

Euler integration… is beautiful. Built with Processing.