Instructions for Quick Note to Self

E-mail audio, photo, and video notes to yourself―fast!

The minimum number of taps for sending an e-mail to yourself.

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Screenshot of Quick Note to Self

Usage Instructions

When you first launch Note to Self, there are "E-mail Address" and "Subject Line" text fields at the top. There are buttons filling the rest of the screen with names like "Photo Library" and "Clipboard".

The basic idea is that Note to Self makes it very fast to send e-mails to yourself: open the app, tap one of the buttons, and tap "Send" in the mail message that pops up. Unlike in the Mail app, your e-mail address and subject will be remembered and already filled in for you, which makes it much faster to send an e-mail to yourself.

First-time Setup

The first thing you want to do is type your own e-mail address into the "E-mail Address" field. This is where all your notes will be sent by default. You can change the "Subject Line" field to say something different if you likeā€”this is what the default subject line will be in your e-mails to yourself.

Sending Notes

You send notes by tapping one of the large buttons at the bottom of the screen. The way you use each of the buttons is essentially the same. You tap the type of information you want to send, you capture that information (examples below), then an e-mail compose window pops up that allows you to edit the details of your message if you like, to tweak the e-mail address, subject line, or body of your e-mail. Then you just tap "Send" to send your message.

This is how the various note buttons on the main screen work:

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